Winzo Ludo Game | Play & Earn ₹100 In Winzo Gold App

Hello dear friends, today we are going to talk about one such app. One of the apps in which you can earn by playing many games is Winzo Ludo Game. Winzo Ludo is a mobile gaming application that you can play on your smartphone as well.

In Winzo Ludo, users are provided with the facility to play with other players. So you can also give challenges to them and by winning from them you can get a lot of cash. Each player has four tokens to move around the board and reach the designated landing area. We start the game on the right, left and finish.
In Ludo you also get social features like connecting with friends, chatting during gameplay and giving challenges.

Winzo Ludo Game

To Play WinZO Ludo, Follow These Steps:

winzo ludo game
  • Download and Install: First of all download and install the winzo ludo from Google on an Android phone.
  • Sign up or Log in: Launch the app and create a new account and then log in.
  • Game Modes: Explore the different game modes available in WinZO Ludo game. This can include Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, or Master Ludo, each with its own unique rules and gameplay variations.
  • Invite Friends or Join a Match: If you want to play with your friends in the Winzo Ludo game app then invite them to this app and enjoy the game.
  • Starting the Game: Once you have selected your game load then the Ludo board will appear on your screen. Each player’s token will have a fixed colour. Usually, red blue green and yellow colours are provided.
  • Rolling the Dice: When the game starts, each player on their turn sees a dice. Dice Line operates normally, but you may need to type on the screen to start it.
  • Moving Tokens: The number on the dice tells you how many spaces you can move your token. To move a token, tap it and then tap anywhere on the board. The token automatically goes to its designated place.
  • Special Spaces: The Ludo board has special spaces such as safe zones, home areas, and starting areas.
  • Capturing Opponent Tokens: The opponent’s token will be captured and sent back to their starting area. This can also happen if your opponent’s token lands on your space.
  • Reaching the Finishing Area: The objective is to move all four of your tokens from the starting area to the finishing area.
  • Game Progress and Chat:winzo will display the progress of the game including the position of all the tokens and the order of the bars. You will be able to roll the dice and move your token only on your turn. Along with this, you can also chat with your friends.
  • Game Conclusion: The game will continue until one player has successfully carried all the tokens to the end zone. The app will announce the winner and award any rewards or points earned during the game. Enjoy playing with it.

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Can I earn With The Winzo Ludo Game?

Yes, you can earn with the WinZO Ludo game. When you play WinZO Ludo game, you have the opportunity to earn virtual currency or rewards. By participating in matches and tournaments, you can earn virtual currency that can be used for various purposes within the game.You may have the chance to win real cash prizes or other valuable rewards in certain tournaments or competitions.


In conclusion, WinZO Ludo is a mobile gaming app that allows users to play the popular board game Ludo on their smartphones. It offers a digital version of the traditional Ludo game, complete with multiplayer functionality and various game modes.

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